Appreciating Australian Wines from Tasmanian Vales

Ask any wine raconteur, who does wine appreciation, they will have a fair knowledge of Australia’s Frogmore Creek Wines. A wine lover always experiments with new brands and tastes from different regions. Tasmania already has the right climate to grow the best of variety. This brand offers a diverse taste, quality and value for money. The details lie in the farming methods and the cool climate of the vales. It is the perfect place for fruit based wines.


How farming methods prove to be a boon?

If anyone has tasted the South Tasmanian region’s Frogmore Creek Wine, then it is well known what makes it different from the other Tasmanian sparklers. This brand boasts of excellent wine production and service. With the natural bounty of good climate, rainfall and consistent temperature to grow, it has aided the farming process. The vineyards are in Coal River Valley where the rest of the people in wine business work. There are two vineyards-in Campania and Cambridge where the experts nurture the Frogmore Creek Wines production. The belief here is to let the fruit do the talking. Hence, the flavors that emerge remind one of the enhancement and subtle zing to get the right taste. For instance, the white wines do not undergo the malolactic fermentation. The acidity level is quite high. It, therefore, becomes the right accompaniment for meals. In the case of red wine, the traditional methods are employed such as hand plunging to small quantities. The pressings can make or mar the structure of the wine. They are treated with the French Oak to balance the taste buds.

How the Frogmore brands have emerged as popular wines

Well, there is a story associated with every brand and so is the case with Frogmore. The way it is made makes the brand-Frogmore Creek Wines interesting. The brand reflects the personality of the person (winemaker Alain Rousseau), and the origin (Campania & Cambridge) where it is grown. When a wine lover chooses to buy Frogmore Creek Wines, the thrust is usually on the way it has been processed. The Cambridge Vineyard lies at the base of Coal River Valley. The Campania estate is large and set in different altitudes some of which are close to the Barilla Bay Sea. The different brands that come under this group include sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Cabernet blends, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. About 18,000 dozen bottles are produced yearly.

Healthy vineyards make a difference

Farmers working in the two estates of Frogmore Creek’s vineyards know the reason for the growing appreciation of the wine market on the domestic and international market. The vines and soils are usually responsible in the production process. One can always order the brand, variety or monthly wine specials online. The restaurants in the region provide the perfect atmosphere where the wine can be appreciated with the food. Live music makes it more fun and enjoyable. What’s more, they provide value for money popular brands.